World of Warcraft Hunter Guide


When it comes to the game of World of Warcraft, the Hunter is one of the most popular options when it comes to characters that you can choose from. Individuals that elect to play this character will find that it is easy to deal out a large amount of damage per second, while maintaining the ability to stay alive longer than most other characters when it comes to battle. The next advantage to being a Hunter is that you have the option of having a pet to assist you in the field, and the Hunter is also a very versatile character. Here, in this World of Warcraft Hunter class guide, I will introduce you to some specifics that are quite important to your in-game success.

Hunter Play

When it comes to playing as a Hunter in World of Warcraft, you will find that you can quickly customize your character to the type that you wish to play. This character has the advantage of bringing a pet in to the game play, and using that pet during combat and various types of battles in the game. In addition to this, you will have the ability to learn many different attack modes that are considered to be “ranged”. These attacks will allow you to stay alive for much longer due to the fact that you do not have to be right up on top of a monster or other player to deal out your damage. Plus, you will see that there are many different types of traps that you have at your disposal. You may also enjoy the fact that there are many different types of basic tactics that will ensure your survival in the field.

Hunter Talent Specifications

When it comes to Hunter talent specifications in World of Warcraft, you will find that you can play one of three ways overall. You can choose to go with “Marksmanship”, “Survival”, or even “Beast Mastery”. The following provides a little detail on each of these talent specifications so that you can decide which one is most effective for you:

1. Marksmanship – Deciding to go with the talent of Marksmanship will provide you with the ability to be an effective character when it comes to PvP, or “Player vs. Player”. You will have 안전토토사이트 access to the ability to put your abilities like “Scatter Shot” against other characters. Unfortunately, if you engage in Raids, this is not the best talent spec to choose basically because of the fact that you must depend on a large amount of mana in order deal damage.

2. Survival – If you are looking to play the talent specification of Survival, you are likely to be quite pleased with the results. Not only can you play in a defensive manner, but you can also play in an offensive manner. You will be able to slow down the enemies that you come up against, as well as control large crowds while in combat. In Raids, you will be most effective at exposing the general weaknesses of other characters, and in PvP, you will be a force to be reckoned with!

3. Beast Mastery – If you choose to go with Beast Mastery, you will find that you are able to level quickly and effectively. The pet that you play with will have a wide range of abilities, strength, bonuses, and will be able to deal out a massive amount of damage per second – without draining your character of all their mana! Beast Mastery in a Hunter will allow that character to come out on top when it comes to both Raids and PvP!

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