Why to Choose the Best Buy Credit Card


The Best Buy credit card may offer several advantages, especially if you are shopping for electronics, then it is most likely that Best Buy will be one of your options. The holidays are a time of giving, and almost everyone realizes that electronics are among the most popular gifts during the holidays. Having a Best Buy credit card will certainly give you an added benefit as you are given access to exclusive financing arrangements, discounts and rewards programs. The card can be used for significant savings both online and in store, where you can take advantage of special financing arrangements and discounted offers. The card will also help in managing your cash flow, as you are allowed to extend your payments over longer periods.

With a Best Buy credit card and the included Reward Zone programĀ®, you can earn one reward zone point for every dollar that you spend. You may also receive an additional bonus point on qualifying purchases without promotional plan of 6 months or greater. The points in the reward zone program are available for all purchases made using the Best Buy/Reward Zone Credit Card at all Best Buy stores and online at Best Buy website. Additionally you can earn reward zone points with a Best Buy Reward Zone MasterCard. The Uniccshop MasterCard can be used as a traditional MasterCard and can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted, but you will also earn points everywhere you shop. Purchases made with these cards may also be eligible for some additional discounts, available to reward zone members.

You can apply online or you can visit the nearest Best Buy store. The card will entitle you to exclusive financing offers that can save you money while enjoying the better brand of some of the latest in electronics. When visiting the store or shopping on line at Best Buy, if an item is eligible for financing, you’ll be notified of available financing details on the product description and in your shopping cart. Your purchases may be eligible for more than one financing plan, as there are different financing plans available. During the checkout process, the best plan may be offered, but you can choose which one you prefer. With your Best Buy credit card, you obtain the same points you will normally receive with any typical store card. Additional Reward Zone points can also be obtained when you use your Best Buy credit card or your reward zone MasterCard throughout two consecutive years.

However, should you choose not to take advantage of financing during promotions, you will get an additional point for every dollar spent on eligible purchases. The extra points may accelerate the pace at which you receive reward certificates. All the conditions of the rewards programs and Best Buy credit card are available on the corporate website and the frequent Best Buy customers should advantage of the special offers. If you have this Best Buy credit card, you must understand that the minimum payment required each month is $10 dollars or 1 % from your total card balance. This appliance also has finance charge. The process to get the application is not complicated, so you can do it for some minutes.

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