What To Do If You Need To Learn 100% Official Texas Holdem Rules Without Wasting Any Time


If you need to learn the official Texas Holdem rules and don’t want to waste your time endlessly searching or even worse, risking learning something incorrect then read this article now.

In this article I am going to share with you all of the official Texas Holdem rules. Learn then and you will officially know all the rules to play.

Official Texas Holdem Rules – Game flow

Texas Hold Em is a popular variant of poker where players are given two individual hole cards and five community cards within its duration. The objective is to make a five card winning hand out of the seven cards available.

Players have the option to either play either the hole and community cards or use all cards on the board. This game may be played by at least two players and as much as ten.

To begin the Holdem, all players are handed two individual or hole cards face down. It is important that the hole cards are dealt face down, if this does not happen, a misdeal may be called and the cards reshuffled again.

The pre flop or first betting round starts and is followed by a burn card which is taken from the deck and excluded from play. Burn cards are crucial to prevent cheating.

Official Texas Holdem Rules – Community Cards

After the burn cards have been discarded, the first three community cards are dealt. These cards are called the community / shared or board cards.

They are called such because any player may use them and combine them to create a good poker hand.

The first three community cards are called 홀덤사이트 the flops. It is important to remember that all community cards must be dealt face up and placed at the center of the table.

Once the flops are dealt, another betting round takes place. This is followed by a burn card after which a fourth burn card is dealt.

This card is called the turn. After the fourth community card, another betting round starts. This is followed by a burn card before the fifth community card or the river is released.

Official Texas Holdem Rules -Betting Rounds

Structured betting and spread limit betting are the most common betting formats. In a structured betting, players may only bet on fixed amounts on every round. On the other hand, spread limit betting may be any amount between the minimum and maximum amount raised during the game.

Blinds are called such because these bets are placed even before any dealer has given the cards. The big blind is always half the amount of the small blind. These two bets serve to open or begin the betting round every time

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