Warehouse Equipment Review – Everyday Necessities


Some warehouse equipment is so standard to almost every warehouse that its importance is easily overlooked. But if you don’t have it, you might feel the loss because it will cost you time and money. Items such as carts and trucks, packaging and wrapping equipment, safety and security equipment and others might drop below the radar, but it’s smart to keep them in good shape and know where to get replacements or upgrades quickly.

Here’s a partial list:

Safety and security equipment. These items protect your products, your storage equipment and your employees. They include guardrails, safety netting, safety mirrors and bollards, as well as wire partitions and security cages. The specific items might vary from warehouse to warehouse, but their importance to your business does not Parking post.

Cabinets. You might know and value what’s inside them, but your cabinets are valuable, too. They need to be maintained and replaced when necessary. They’re responsible for protecting your tools, parts, hardware and supplies, as well as flammable paints and chemicals. Often, they need to meet OSHA standards.

Carts and trucks. Imagine being without them. Your operation would slow to a crawl, and the potential for employee injury would skyrocket. Well-maintained and carefully selected carts and trucks will decrease order-picking time and make your employees as productive as possible.

Packaging and wrapping equipment. If your products aren’t properly packaged, they can end up damaged before they arrive at their shipping destination. The problem has a direct negative impact on your bottom line. You need the right equipment, including packing tables, tape equipment, case sealers, scales, stretch wrapping equipment and banding equipment up and running all the time.

Self-dumping hoppers. For bulk handling problems, self-dumping hoppers are the solution. You can use a forklift to dump bulk items from any height safely, as long as the hoppers are in good shape.

Work tables. No secret here. In fact, what could possibly go wrong? But are your tables ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue and injury? It might be time to look at upgrading.

Energy-efficient lighting. Saving energy saves money. You can improve your lighting levels and, at the same time, go a little greener. You might be able to pay for your lighting investment in a matter of months.

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