Video Streaming on Apple Devices Using AirVideo


Video streaming on Apple devices, such as iPhone and iPad, is a lot easier with the use of AirVideo. The software is available for every Apple device in a free or paid version. The free version limits the number of displayed folders while the full version offers every feature that the software can offer. To help you out in video streaming from your Apple, here’s how to set up your device:

The first thing to do is download and install the AirVideo Server software to your computer. On the installation process choose the normal or default setting. Once the server launches, choose the Shared Folder tab; choose the Add Disk Folder and browse to the location ProstaStream of the video you want to stream. What is amazing about AirVideo is that you can add as many locations as you want. Another great feature that you’ll appreciate is that you can add your iTune Playlist. Next thing to do is to install AirVideo on your Apple device either through iTunes or directly from AppStore. Installation is quite easy just follow the step-by-step procedure.

Click on the AirVideo icon on the main menu on your device. Next click the “+” button to search and check if the server is running. On the Select Server screen, choose the computer where you installed the server. It will automatically appear on the select screen if it is turned on. Then select the folders you added in the Shared Folder tab on the AirVideo server. If you’re using a free version, only limited folders are displayed, the full version displays all your chosen folders.

After selecting the video you want to stream, you’ll experience the benefits of this application. Tap on the ‘Play with Live Conversion’ and you can actually watch the video while it is being converted to an Apple device friendly format. Incredible isn’t it? It only takes a few moments to convert the video. You can also use the basic video player controls while converting the file. Alternatively you can select to convert the video while you’re using your device for something else.

Video streaming on your Apple device through a Wi-Fi network is also possible with the AirVideo software. Just enable Remote Access to the Air Port Server. Once enabled, you can input the PIN and you are now ready to use your Apple device to stream videos. Streaming using Apple devices is just one option to fully experience the benefits of streaming technology. Streaming Video Systems (SVS) are experts on the many ways to utilize the technology to your advantage. Refer to Streaming Video Systems for more information today.

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