Using Online Survey Tools Effectively


Online survey tools are computer programs that give the capability to generate, execute and interpret different kinds of online surveys either for the users’ sites, in emails or even on dedicated web sites. Survey tools are generally used by companies for the purpose of collecting user opinions about various products and services. The companies can use the information they get from these tools to improve their products and services or find ways of making their businesses more profitable. However, many people have a negative view about these tools. This is mainly because of the numerous problems that come up when you work with them.

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First of all, the negative reviews regarding online surveys are generally about the payment schemes involved in them. Online surveys are generally run for free and some of the participants receive payment while others don’t. But the fact is that the companies that pay for the surveys are pretty unethical. Some of the companies take advantage of the naivety of the people participating in the surveys and use the money they pay for the surveys for other purposes. There are reports of them trying to sell personal information as well cong ty nghien cuu thi truong.

Another problem that you will encounter when working with an online survey tool is the lack of advanced reporting features. Most of the tools that you will come across will provide a basic client heartbeat report, a comprehensive list of the links that have been clicked on, the number of people who have joined your panel and so on. You won’t be able to customize any of these features or even make use of them if you do not want to. So basically what you get is a basic client heartbeat report that tells you that you have received 10 survey requests, how many you have replied to, how many people joined your panel and so on.

One of the biggest problems you may face with working with an online survey tool is the failure to collect the proper data for analysis. Since most of these tools rely on the internet for its collection of the responses, it would mean that you will only receive part of the complete profile of the survey taker, leaving out some of the most important responses. These responses are very vital, since they can tell the major changes in the market, which in turn can lead to major changes in the marketing strategies. If you want to make more money by engaging in paid surveys, you need to know which surveys provide the highest payouts and which ones don’t. Fortunately, optinmonster makes this possible by allowing the user to export the complete profile of the survey taker.

Online survey tools like optinmonster have also made it easy for marketers to branch out from the traditional question types used in surveys. The question types that you usually see on surveys range from yes/no, indicator/label, multiple response (aka multiple-choice), demographic, product/item, preference and many more. The problem with these question types is that they require too much time and effort to answer. Not only do you need to think about what you should say, you also have to consider how your answer can apply to the main topic. This requires further analysis, which is often not part of the main task of the survey takers. However, with the help of branchable templates, you can now think about your answer in different ways, in order to apply it to a certain question.

Online Survey tools such as these are crucial to help marketeers conduct online surveys effectively. Without them, they will be spending too much time in form filling and not enough time answering the questions honestly. You can find these online surveys by going to any search engine, but it is always best to sign up for the free membership so you can try them for free. With this, you will see how useful the online surveys are.

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