Two Ways to Speak Chinese


More and more people today hope to learn the ancient language-Chinese due to different reasons of course. And thus lots of learning methods have been built to help the learners to learn this language. But today I just hope to provide you with two effective ways to practice your Chinese speaking. The first one is to travel, the other is to try to watch Chinese news.

Nearly all the people like traveling, learning Chinese while traveling is supposed to be an excellent way to learn to speak this language. When you plan to travel to China, you may decide which place you would like to go beforehand. For example, you may travel to Xi’an, where numerous visitors from all over the world have been and are still flocking because of a lot of ancient spotlighted cultural relics. You can go there to learn Chinese culture. When you go there, you can try to get a Chinese tour guide rather than an English one. Or if you think it is a joke for you to do so, you can get an English one, but you need to learn Chinese by 日本樓 talking occasionally with Chinese people. You see, you are surrounded by Chinese at this time.

If you find Chinese volunteers, you can ask them something about Chinese learning as well as something over the interlinks between the Chinese and English, for such people can speak fluent English. In this way you can learn something about Chinese language.

But the second way to learn this language can drive you mad sometimes, it is to watch Chinese news! It is really a challenge for you. But Chinese news like the English one has levels. Some news is for all the people in this country, and some is for children and students. In this case you can try the easy one and understand it as much as you can. Definitely the news is not for spoken Chinese, but if you can understand Chinese news generally, you can understand the daily talk very easily. Really you will feel dull in this process, but you need to carry on.

After the two things, you will have to speak this language as much as you can, then it is very possible for you to make a progress.

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