Top Birth Control Pill Myths That Might Be Misleading


Women who are sexually active sometimes get confused about the use of family planning pills. One minute they are convinced that the pills are a good way of reducing the normally heavy flow during periods the next minute they are being made to believe that the pills lower the sex drive and makes a woman add a lot of weight. The much dreaded weight gain makes the woman swear never to use the pills again but the health advantage of lowering ovarian cancer makes her change her mind. There are several birth-control pill myths which are very misleading in some instances. Sometimes it becomes hard to separate reality of birth control from the myths.

One of the myth involved is that it is not a good idea to stop menstrual flow as it might expose a risk to your health. Studies have been conducted to show the truth. It has been revealed that it is perfectly safe to suppress your menses but it is advisable to use tested and medically approved methods. Examples of such recommended pills are seasonique and depo-provera injection. The periods stop flowing since the uterine wall is kept thin and therefore no debris build up. You might experience break through bleeding but it is just a mild side effect which disappears with time. If you experience painful cramps or menstrual migraines, do not fear to go for menstrual suppression. Most women believe in the birth-control pill myths and end up messing their families. We all love good health and we pray for it day and night. Were you worried that family planning pills increases your chances of suffering from cancer? It is only a myth.

In fact the more you use the pills the lower your chances of getting either ovarian or endometrial cancers. Studies have shown that after one-year usage of the pill the risk of getting endometrial cancer goes down by approximately 50%. If the pill is used for more than six months, the risk of getting ovarian cancer goes down by 40%. When you are on the pill, the endometrium remains thin and the ovary cells Sonus Complete inactive. This reduces chances of there being cell division which leads to cancer. The pill is usually associated with fatness or frigidity. Nobody wants to add extra pounds and therefore women discard the pill. What they do not know is it is just a debunking myth. Birth-control pill myths are mostly associated with low sex drive but this is more oriented on psychology. The reduced chances of conceiving takes away the normal sexual excitement in some cases.

Among the birth-control pill myths is that a prolonged use of pill leads to semi-infertility. There are many babies who have been conceived because their mothers took a break from the pill. It is not true that if you have been taking pills for years and you miss with one day you will not conceive. This is a myth which can interfere with your family’s plans. Age does not affect usage of the pill. There is a pill myth that says that women above the age of 40 should not use a pill. It is supposed to be taken up to the time a woman enters into menopause phase.

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