The Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements Will Benefit You


If you’re anything like me, you’ve been hearing about the benefits of fish oil supplements. And you may be a bit confused.

The studies show fish oil is a cure all. But is it? And if you do take it, how much do you need?

I was confused about this too until I started studying it.

Here’s what I found.

Fish oil is rich omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are nutrients Sonavel that fuel your brain. They also fuel your body. Fish has a lot of them. About 30% of the nutrients that keep your brain working. That’s why you might have heard fish called “brain food”.

You brain is about 60% DHA and EPA fatty acids. These are part of the omega 3 fatty acids.

DHA is a building block of your brain and EPA keeps your mood balanced. In other words-DHA helps your think better, remember more things and concentrate. EPA affects your mood. It keeps you happy.

Besides your brain and your mood, there are other benefits of fish oil supplements too.

The American Heart Association recommends them for heart patients. Studies show they keep your arteries clear and regulate your heartbeat. This means they help prevent heart attacks. They may also lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol.

They’re also great for your skin and hair. In fact, a University of California study found omega 3’s slowed down aging of your DNA. This can show up in external factors like your complexion and your hair.

Research shows they help kids diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. A six-month study in England gave fish oil supplements to children who were having trouble in school. By then end of the study, the children had improved their reading and writing proficiency. In fact, one child had boosted his reading ability by 4 grade levels after just 3 months on the fish oil supplement!

The reason such dramatic shifts are seen is because omega 3’s are a necessary part of brain development and memory. Without them our children can fall behind in school. You can become increasingly forgetful and be subject to Alzheimer’s Disease.

And, most Westerners are deficient in these nutrients.

Luckily the benefits of fish oil supplements are well-documented and now that you know of their importance, there’s no reason to be deficient.

Nutrition experts recommend 1-2 mg. of omega 3’s a day which translates to 1-2 1000 mg fish oil pills.

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