Testimonials Bring You Credibility and Your Website More Traffic


Testimonials on your website from your clients or customers or colleagues will go a long way to give you the credibility you need even to perfect strangers.

Testimonials on a sales letter site, which is a descriptive presentation of a particular program, product, workshop or e-book, are not only more meaningful, they are absolutely necessary. These help readers decide whether to purchase the specific product because they specifically address the consumer’s questions about whether the product addresses their needs and does the product work the way it should.

Even if you are not thinking about producing a product or workshop in the immediate future, it is still a very good idea to start collecting testimonials from your clients, customers and colleagues. One of the best ways to nudge prospective customers into purchasing your workshop is to make them feel confident that they are going to get good value for their money. Quotes from people who purchased your programs provide that confidence.

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Internet Marketing specialists constantly remind us to use testimonials in our sales letters and promotional material. This is even truer for those of you new to promoting your services or products on the Internet. Testimonials can put skeptical and wary prospective clients and customers at ease.

First, testimonials establish credibility.

Credibility is the respect you receive when people perceive you as being transparent, above board. Your credibility can be based on the information you present or the past experiences of your clients and customers.

When prospective clients hear about you for the first time, they are not even sure what product you are promoting. And since you are the salesperson they are not likely to open you with open arms. Testimonials can help start your relationship with prospective clients. You begin establishing this relationship when you send marketing materials, sample products, and when they visit your website.

The faster you establish credibility, the better. If you do not they are going to question everything you do and won’t really be listening to you when you’re presenting. The testimonials reinforce your presentation because they give results and examples to establish confidence. One testimonial is not going to do it. You need several because there is power in numbers. You want to find the testimonials that will reflect the needs and wants of your prospective clients.

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