Take Lutein to Help Save Your Eye Sight


Lutein is in food of different colors. The main two foods where it is present is dark leafy green vegetables such as spinach, and egg yolks. If you get a daily of dosage of around 6 – 10mg of lutein a day it could just be the answer to keeping better vision; read on.

Did you know that an intake of lutein could save billions on health costs? A report which was commissioned by the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA) stated that if people were to take lutein together with zeaxanthin it could in five years save $3.6 billion on healthcare costs. So Visiclear  what does that really mean? It means that fewer people will get sick and instead enjoy life.

We need such antioxidants in our body to stop oxidation of cells which is when problems begin. Antioxidants are the fighters that prevent this process from happening and which then enables us to live a full and healthy life.

Our own body cannot produce lutein and so we have to take it orally and we already know that lutein is in food, we just need to know which foods it is in.

The top food that contains this antioxidant is raw kale. There is upto 26mg per cup. Other foods that are good to eat are broccoli, peas, corn, papaya, oranges. All of these foods contain the ingredient which helps to prevent macular degeneration in various amounts.

Because our food is so depleted of nutrients, we can never get the correct amounts of all the vitamins, minerals and other herbs and extracts that our body needs from food alone. For instance you would need to eat something like 6 large papayas to get the 6mg needed.

The best way of taking such an ingredient even though lutein is in food, is to look for a supplement that contains it, and more importantly contains it in the right amount. When choosing a supplement I also recommend that you find one that has many other beneficial and essential ingredients as this will then give you optimal health.

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