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Are you one of those people where once it starts to get a little chilly out your down with a cold maybe even the flu? Once the weather changes and autumn kicks in, the cold temperatures set in, and then you get the stuffy noses and sniffles start to seem like an outbreak. When winter hits it usually sets most people off with a cold or the flu that come and go through the whole winter.

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I know exactly how that feels, all of us have probably tried everything in the book to make it go away faster. Have you ever felt like right before a big event or maybe a big trip the cold or bug hits you. Well our immune systems do a very good job defending us against disease causing microorganisms. But there’s times when it fails, a little germ invades us our bodies and successfully makes us sick. While a strong immune system will handle with this attack, but one that’s been weakened by poor nutrition and too much stress will struggle to get you back to good health 홀짝.

There are a lot of things that can cause us to become sick, being outside, touching a railing, being on a train or bus, going to the bank or a store, being at a restaurant all of these are places we are surrounded by people, and everything you’ve touched at these places other people have touched, when one person is sick just by them touching something and then you’ve touched it you could get sick. Also, just being around someone if they cough or sneeze germs are in the air and you may get a cold. We all know that getting sick or having the flu really turns our day upside down and it’s getting a lot harder to stay healthy nowadays. It’s shocking how much our immune system can affect you’re health and how good you feel. A proper working immune system is the main part to helping you feel better in a lot of different ways.

When fighting not to get sick and trying to keep your immune system strong your willing to basically do anything, taking all the vitamins that you think could help, dressing in layers so your never cold, washing your hands constantly but your still always around germs all of this doesn’t always keep the germs away and doesn’t mean you wont get sick. Also, the bodies major stressors we put on ourselves toxic stress, emotional stress, physical trauma, and infection which increase the body’s acidic level further depleting the body’s oxygen supply.

Something that could keep your immune system healthy is by trying OxyQuest, it’s stabilized with oxygen molecules, it’s the most powerful, dynamic immune boosting, bacteria destroying, Circulation enhancing supplement. Our modern lifestyle has really taken a heavy toll on our body’s oxygen content, and many people suffer from oxygen starvation without knowing it. We refer to this as cell suffocation, a condition that is killing us gradually. This is something that can help us stay healthy and help our bodies function properly.

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