Specialized Ice-Hockey Training for Kids – How Important Is That?


They say anything you do in childhood affects you at later ages. It’s true. You can see that around you, in the people close to you, even in yourself.

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Bad habits that one acquires at an early age are difficult to shake as an adult. Things you do wrong as a child or as an adolescent that are not corrected in time are very likely to remain with you for the rest of your life. Ice Hockey

Ice-Hockey is not different. In fact, it may be more so than other aspects, because it involves so many techniques that are necessary to make a good hockey player. A fault in any of these as a result of a bad childhood habit will result in your child being a lesser hockey player when he or she grows up. Those bad habits will stick with them and hinder their progress. If your child acquires an error in skating technique, for example – that error will most likely be there forever, in every game, at every age.

The same goes for off-ice training. The importance of off-ice training for the development of an ice-hockey player is irrefutable. If your child does not practice off-ice properly, with drills matching his or her age and progress, your child’s game will suffer during the season – and later in life. Your child needs personal guidance in order to practice correctly off the ice, in order to make his or her hockey abilities optimal – for now and for years to come. And there’s more – proper off-ice training will improve your child’s chances to avoid injuries.

If your child practices in a team, he or she doesn’t always get the attention he or she needs. Errors on the personal level are often overlooked by coaches who have to pay attention to many kids at the same time, and focus on team play. Off the ice it’s usually even worse – off-ice training doesn’t get the emphasis it deserves, especially when it comes down to the level of the individual child. As a result, errors and bad practice habits are not corrected in time, and they root themselves into your child’s play to stay.

One option to resolve this is to hire a personal coach to train your child off-ice. It’s a wonderful method to root these mistakes before it’s too late. However, few parents can endure the expenses involved with personal coaching to their children, for years and years, until they grow up.

Another option is to get The Hockey Speed and Power Specialized Training Manual, written by a former NHL player, intended exactly for that. Here’s where you can learn about it. It’s a series of three books specialized for off-ice training children and adolescents, in order to make them better hockey players, for the present and for the future. Each book is intended for a specific age group. Buy the one matching your child’s age – or buy all three, so your child is never left alone and there is always proper coaching available, for years to come, until and through adulthood.

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