Serviced Offices for Rent Cut Down Initial Investment


When you plan on opening an office, one of the biggest hurdles is finding office space that corresponds to your needs and yet is affordable. There are so many things to arrange for, right from space to furnishings, fittings, basic utilities, office machinery and many others. All these take up a sizeable amount as you pay for the lease of the office and then for all the necessary equipment. But the simplest solution to this is easily available in the form of serviced offices.

There are compelling reasons to opt for them as these offer several benefits. You do not need to invest a large amount to set up an office as they come with full furnishings, fittings, basic amenities and so on. This considerably reduces the initial investment that a new business demands. In addition to this, unlike conventional offices, serviced offices are also available on short lease. As one of your major concerns is taken care of, you are free to concentrate on the actual business aspect of your venture.

Often there is a lot of uncertainty attached to the eventual success of a new venture. Chances are that you may need to expand your facilities or reduce them within a short span of time. This is the best part about serviced offices as they offer a lot of flexibility. You may give up the space that you do not need or rent more space if your business is expanding. Extra meeting rooms or conference spacescooter rental is also available on an hourly basis.

Further, if you need reception facilities or secretarial services you do not need to employ anybody on a full time basis. Secretarial services are available on a small charge or may be included in the rent itself. This proves much more economical than a full time employee. As you are just beginning a new office a part time secretary on a sharing basis is more than enough to handle your work.

The general perception is that serviced offices are appropriate only for new ventures or small businesses. But it has a lot to offer to larger organizations too. Any company that needs to open a branch office or simply needs temporary office space for a limited project will also find these very useful.

One can also rent serviced offices if you find the day to day management of the premises is interfering with the running of your business. It is the responsibility of the building management to handle all maintenance and cleaning services. Additionally, security arrangements are also the responsibility of the building management. Internet connectivity and telephone connections are also part of the facilities that are offered within the rent though you will have to pay for your usage.

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