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The Hertz Car Rental (also familiarly called the Hertz Corporation or popularly, Hertz), is the world leader in the car rental industry worldwide. Till date, the company covers more than 11000 locations throughout the world, 3500 within the U.S. and more than 7500 outside the country.

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The history of the Hertz car rental company is very exciting to follow. Right from its origin in 1918, the company has seen a number of owners. Some of these include very high profile businesses, such as General Motors, Ford, United Airlines and the RCA. The Hertz car rental was originally started by Walter Jacobs in 1918. During the mid of 1923, John Hertz of Yellow Truck & Coach Manufacturing Co and Yellow Cabs bought it and renamed it under his group. It was after that the company saw different owners. Now, this being a public company, it was traded on NYSE. In 1994, the Ford Motor Co bought it by purchasing all the outstanding stocks. Finally, in 2005, Ford announced a public offering on this division. It was bought by a PE group for $5.6b in cash as well as debt acquisition Launch Crp129x Obd2 Scanner.

Hertz rentals also takes care of its another subsidiary called the HERC (Hertz Equipment Rental Corp) which has its headquarters in NJ, United States. The main office of the data centre of Hertz is in Oklahoma.

Since its existence, Hertz Rental Company has seen much new technological and engineering advancement. One rare instance that needs mentioning was the introduction of the exclusive model of the Shelby Ford Mustang. 1000 special editions cars were built under this model and that gave the company a major boost in the market. The car, Shelby Mustang GT350H is still a rare collection. Also, during the 1990s, the Hertz car rental became the first car rental company to develop and use the in-car navigation system. This was called Hertz Neverlost system. The system included an LCD display, multi lingual voice prompts, street address directories and also turning guidance.

One another significant development was the innovation of low floor passenger vehicles. This was done keeping in mind the inconveniences that were faced by people who used wheelchairs, and also was very time taking for the loading and unloading of baggage. This move was very much appreciated by the citizens, and the same system is now being widely used by the current U S public transportation system.

During the year 2007, Hertz launched it subbrand, namely Simply Wheelz keeping in mind its customers who were economical and yet preferred leisurely rides. Extensive expansion plans were made, till the purchase of the bankrupt company Advantage Rent-A-Car. In this acquisition, Hertz car rental company outbid its rival, the Enterprise Car Rental and bought the company for an undisclosed amount. 2010, too, has proved to be a great year for the Hertz car company. The acquisition of British Car Auctions in January 2010 and Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group in April 2010 is sure to make the company one of the largest profitable firms worldwide.

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