Real Sense 5 Smartphones – Meet Your High Tech Needs


Realme 5 Phone is a revolutionary concept phone from Korea. It is a smart phone that has come to terms with the needs of the present generation users and has provided them with several features and functions that are simply not available on any other smart phone. The company claims that it has designed the phone with an eye to bring forth the best smartphone experience on the market. This is precisely what the Realme 5 Phone does, delivering you an experience that exceeds expectations.

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With Realme 5 Phone you get a sleek, slim and extremely durable mobile that comes with all the modern connectivity features that you expect of a smartphone. There is no need to get down on your hands and knees in order to access the home screen because the Realme front camera is there at your service. You can take pictures, videos, use the built-in GPS, and shoot your videos and images directly on the phone with its eight mega-pixels camera lens and touch screen. You can also use the front camera to act as a mirror and transform the phone into a mini digital camera. The infrared illuminator permits for clearer pictures even in low-light conditions and the realme 5 phone has a great feature allowing you to synchronize your contacts via Microsoft Outlook realme 5.

The real 5 phone has a large 8 mega-pixels rear camera with a brand new dual image processing technology, which ensures you get clear pictures even when you do not have your finger on the camera. It also has a very large, high-definition screen, which is designed to fit all the multi-functional buttons and larger font. In addition to this, the real 5 phone has a memory of support for around two hundred and fifty songs, which means that you will never run out of tunes no matter what you are doing. The real 5 phone also comes with two miniature USB sticks which you can insert into the USB slots on the phone to transfer data or simply to transfer the information from one computer to another.

The real 5 iapped this year in India after it won first place in handsets at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Asia in March this year. The device is compatible with several Google services like Google Maps, Gmail, Google+, and many more, thanks to the on board Google Play app. The smart phone runs on the android operating system and offers an experience similar to that of the iPhone, through its gorgeous, high-end, 3D navigation UI. The real 5 also offers a high-end camera sensor, the MTN infrared camera sensor, which is capable of detecting live subjects, even in dimly lit situations. For those who want to capture their moments in the clearest way possible, the camera sensor allows you to make selective pictures and save them on the microSD card.

The real 5’s key features consist of a stunning display, fantastic user interface, a beautiful rear screen, a powerful, yet intuitive interface, fast performance, and a large, high-end battery, to name a few. In terms of media features, the smartphones offer support for MMS, HD Video, Music Video, Gallery, and Video recording. They are also equipped with popular apps like Google Maps, Gmail, Google+ Business, Yahoo Messenger, iLocalis, Evernote, Viber, Tango, and many others. All these apps help in providing you with the best Android experience. And as most smartphone makers are releasing newer versions of their smartphones each year, the realme 5, as with other handsets from the brand, also get the latest Android updates to give you the best experience.

The real 5 is one of the latest smartphones that comes with a fingerprint scanner and a front-mounted laser-assisted photo button, which allow the users to take their photos even faster. It has a powerful, yet quiet, dual-core processor with multi-core memory Adreno dispatch, generous amounts of memory, and is backed by an expandable storage drive. In addition, it comes with a large, 6 MP camera with manual controls and image stabilization, as well as a good deal of storage space. It also features a spacious shooting gallery, a solid body, and a wide, 5 MP front-facing camera with noise reduction and a dual LED flash.

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