Psychic Science – A Mysteries For Skeptics


In the first paragraphs, abstractly, psychic science may appear to be nothing more than a subject in parapsychological research or psychical investigation, yet, in actual practice, it has served as a synonym for Spiritualism. Spiritualism, as distinguished from Neopaganism, which is a religion, is a non-secular belief system that includes practices that are based on faith and are not dependent on evidence. This article will focus on the subject of psychic science. To begin, a definition of psychic science is required.

The History of Spiritualism, Vol. II

Psychic science is “the science of psychic phenomena.” The term “psychic phenomena” is used in conjunction with psychic phenomena explainable by scientific methods, hence “psychic science.” By definition, psychic phenomena cannot be explained by scientific methods, i.e., laws of physics, cosmology or optics. Psychic science can be defined as the field of human thought and self-deception. Psychic science deals with psychic phenomena that can be explained by scientific methods.

When science attempts to define psychic phenomena scientifically, they contradict themselves at every step tam linh. Theories, connotations and implications of psychic experiences contradict scientific accounts and theories. Science does not offer a definitive explanation or proven scientific methodology for psychic experiences.

Science is useful in identifying patterns of behavior and in studying populations. However, the overwhelming majority of scientific studies deal with a limited number of phenomena, leaving the field of psychic medicine and spirituality largely untouched. Consequently, science has little to offer when it comes to psychic phenomena explained by psychic science. As a result, the spiritualist remains isolated and misunderstood.

Spiritualists assert that psychic experiences are real and can be tested. They maintain that psychic experiences and their causes are beyond the reach of science, and furthermore, the fringe elements of society dismiss such beliefs as “too odd.” Skeptics argue that psychic phenomena cannot be tested because psychic experiences cannot be studied scientifically. The truth lies somewhere in between.

If science could prove that psychic experiences are real and can be tested, then we could eliminate the mystery of psychic experiences and get a definitive explanation for our common consciousness. Through research and analysis, psychic science could shed much needed light on the mysteries of life. A scientific investigation of psychic experiences could answer questions about psychic phenomena, bring new discoveries and help people make sense of their lives. Unfortunately, the vast majority of psychic experiences, while not scientifically proven, are explained away as “mind-overs-matter,” “entities” or “vast dimensions” by skeptics and scientists alike.

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