Plus Size Fashion Model Photo Shoot – 8 Preparation Tips For Success


Preparation is the key to a successful photo shoot for those aspiring for, or embarking on the journey to become a plus size model. Confidence is always visually apparent; being well-prepared, well-groomed and relaxed equates a happy model, with shines through in print! The following is a series of steps to begin one week prior to your shoot, that’ll help make the most of your shoot.

One week prior to your shoot:


Make an honest inspection of your hair. Does your color need refreshing, or do your roots need a touch up? Schedule color three or four days prior to your shoot to allow time for settling, or a re-do if something catastrophic happens. PLEASE do not make major color or style changes without speaking to your agency!! Remember you’ve been hired for your already determined “look” and discussion between the agency that represents you is essential prior to changing it. Plus they’re in the business of beauty. They’ll be Derma Prime Plus able to give you excellent, professional suggestions if you’re looking for a change. It goes without saying, but make sure your hairs trimmed and as split-end free as possible. If you have a fringe, or bangs, make sure it’s trimmed appropriately. Consider having your stylist apply a shine treatment, as shiny hair equals healthy hair, at least in appearance!


Make waxing appointments for two to three days prior to your shoot. If you wax regularly already, schedule your waxing appointment for 2-3 days prior to your shoot to avoid any irritation on your test day. I don’t recommend preparation for test shots to be an occasion to try waxing for the first time. Until your certain how your skin reacts to the treatment, consider a professional applied depilatory cream to rid yourself of any unwanted facial or body hair.


Tend to your skin. Drink plenty of water, avoid excessive alcohol and wheat products if your prone to bloating. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Avoid any drastic, or medical skin treatments prior to your shoot, instead use plenty of moisturizer and good exfoliator at least twice in the before your shoot.

The day before and of your shoot:

1. Get plenty of sleep!

2. Consider your ability in styling your own hair. If you have challenging hair, consider a professional blow-out or curl enhancing treatment prior to your shoot. If done the day before, sleep with a silk handkerchief tied over your hair, it’ll still look fab on day two. Do NOT arrive to your shoot with damp or wet hair expecting it to be completely styled!

3. Exfoliate your entire body and face and moisturize using a non-greasy, non shimmering lotion.

4. Inspect your nails and toes. Make your hands and toes are well manicured and natural. Chose a natural or clear polish, or if you wear a French manicure make sure it has a softly colored topcoat. Avoid blinding white tips! TRY to avoid acrylic nails, but if you must wear them make sure they’re fairly short and oval, no long square talons!

5. Make your body modifications invisible. Bring a good concealer if you have tattoos, “derma blend or Mac body are excellent” as you will be expected by clients to cover your tattoos. Remove any piercings, studs or barbells. Most clients are steadfast in their preference that models remove all piercings, be prepared for your “holes” to possibly close in the name of landing jobs!

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