New Cooking And Food Site Engages The Mind


Writers Chris Wenham and Michele Kadison have launched the new cooking website, Chefs Without Frontiers in honor of their appreciation of all things food. Not a conventional recipe site, Chefs Without Frontiers focuses on thoughts, perceptions, and stories revolving around cooking and eating. With its gracious format, Chefs Without Frontiers entices the reader to enter a flavorful world where inspiration and conversation combine to create a unique forum for all.

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As an interactive website, Chefs Without Frontiers features categories such as “Food for Thought,” “On the Road,” and “The Politics of Food,” inviting its readers to ruminate on how food and cooking fits into our lives beyond the kitchen, both personally and globally 먹튀사이트. Chefs Without Frontiers invites readers to contribute their personal stories about food and cooking by writing about their experiences in the kitchen, on the road, and at the table. Additionally, insights into our present global condition encourage readers to respond with their own views regarding the impending food crisis. There is also a forum where readers can share recipes and engage in discussions regarding their thoughts on cooking, eating, and entertaining. In “Resources,” readers will find relevant links to recipe sites, a list of films and books about food, eating, and cooking, and other interesting references.

Chefs Without Frontiers is an extremely user-friendly site that encourages its readers to contribute. Wenham and Kadison are passionate about sharing experiences with friends far and near who have a story to tell, a point of view to disseminate, or a unique and interesting recipe that can add spice or sweetness to the table.

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