Nail Fungus – 5 Ways to Identify Nail Fungus!


Nail fungus is one of the most common ailments found in people. It can contact anyone, and as per estimate there are at least 35 million people in the world currently suffering from this irritating problem. There is no particular reason for the occurrence of nail fungus, it mainly attacks those who have low degree of hygiene or often tend to work in moist conditions. The reason may be anything, just like other fungal infections nail fungus can be slow to get rid off, and you may have to use targeted techniques rather than over-the-counter drugs.

When you have contacted nail fungus, it is normal that just like any other form of fungus, it will grow and spread. It can spread to other areas of the body; people around you Fungus Clear whom you are most likely to touch too are susceptible. This is the reason you should try and start treating the ‘onychomycosis’ at the earliest.

How do you know you suffer from nail fungus? It is obvious to all. Once you have contacted it, appearance of your nails will start to change and you will feel the difference immediately. Following are the differences you will notice after nail fungus has infected our nails:

  • Nails will start looking discolored and weak. Nails will lose shine and healthy looks.
  • Slowly nails will start looking chapped and porous.
  • Slowly nails will start looking brown in color and the look unhealthy.
  • Since fungus spreads your other fingers too can be affected.
  • In highly advanced stage you will find nails can become painful.

How does nail fungus occur?

If your hands remain wet for a long time, there is a possibility you will contact nail fungus. Hardness of the nails is a normal prevention against fungal infection. However, this nails have gaps next to the skin and between skin and nails. This provides fungus ample space to grow and spread to other parts of the nails.

However, if you have just noticed your nails are infected with nail fungus, you can try out some home recipes that can help you get rid of fungus faster. As a home remedy you can use the very available vinegar. Since vinegar is acidic in nature it maintains PH balance of the skin. Vinegar can help avoid growth of the fungus and at times I can also kill the fungus, thus getting rid of nail fungus totally.

Fungus is very persistent; once it occurs it does not die away quickly. Therefore you need to keep patience and it will take two to three weeks in getting rid of it completely. However, you need to ensure that it is gone by constantly trying out effective prescribed medicines. If home therapy has been useful for you, you can try it out everyday or alternate day depending on the depth of nail fungus.

Nail fungus is a type of fungal infection and at times it is better to avoid this infection. You should wash your hands with disinfectants and keep them dry for some hours of the day.

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