Mountain Bike


After the cave the guide took us to take some pictures of a breath taking view of the river Kwai. Then through the market and along the railway tracks to the Chung Kai cutting which was cut by hand by POWs during the Second World War. It’s only when you get up close to the cutting that you realize what hard work it must have been to do something like this on such a big scale. Next we followed the guide along some country back roads heading for the river Kwai Bridge. When we first got to the bridge the first thing we noticed before we came around the corner was a strong smell. But the instant we got there we knew where it was coming from, an elephant. Huge elephants live near the bridge next to a souvenir market which sells Burmese’s jewelry and accessories.

It was now time to cross the famous river Kwai Bridge, high up above the water walking along the train tracks with gaps on each side this isn’t for someone whose scared of heights although its quite safe if your careful and if a train comes there’s plenty of time to get out of the way and wait safely on สล็อต one of the waiting areas.

After crossing the bridge we settled down in a floating restaurant under bridge for some delicious Thai food and then set off on the bikes. We rode back through the town and to the death railway museum which is full artifacts, models and stories from the Thai Burmer railway during ww2. After a quick cup of tea at the museum it was a short ride back to the car and we headed off to the famous Wang Pho Viaduct.

It took us just 45 minutes to get there and the short drive is well worth it, this place is picturesque and the size of the Viaduct is fascinating. It gave us a great opportunity for some photos especially when the train came past. It was now time to head home after along day. I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to see most of popular places in kanchanaburi but by different means, bicycle. The guide (Pakkard) was excellent and did everything she could for us. We finished the day feeling good and happy to have done the trip.

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