Midgets Lives Matter


A group of midgets have been getting restless lately about the “BLM” “campaign” and wanted to form a group of protestors under the name of “Midgets Lives Matter”.
However, protestors think very “little” of the small people. So, the “little” known “MLM” has been funding grammar school kids to protest with midgets. This hasn’t panned out because the children wanted money and not cookies, which they were promised.

Of course, this movement is “small potatoes” compared to “BLM”. “Our group is ‘shrinking’.” said, Tinee Short, founder of the MLM organization. “We try to get the cops’ attention by committing crimes, resist arrest so the cops will try to shoot us. But, we’re so small, they keep missing.” We also sing in peaceful protest, “We’re off to see 토토사이트 the Wizard, and “Over the Rainbow” but nobody pays attention to us. We’re funded by the “Yellow Brick Road Society” but we have been cut “short” by the “Judy Garland and Toto Fan Club”.

Short said, “We plan to go nationwide to spread our ‘little’ message but we want it to grow. We don’t want it to go ‘over our heads’, but we’ve got to be heard.” She continued, “We get angry when we go into some popular restaurant such as McDonalds and the clerk ‘looks down’ at us, and said, “you kids want the ‘Happy Meal’? Do you want us to ‘super-size’ your meal’?”

These restaurants just want to harass us. They’ve really gotten away with programs to mock us with the ‘The Big Gulp’ Chant, and the ‘Super-Size Me’ Song.”

“Mr. Lollipop” who didn’t want us to use his real name is another MLM proponent stated, “The public sees us in the wrong way. They look down and jump to the conclusion that we live like the midgets on the set of “The Wizard of Oz”. We don’t live in some fairyland like ‘Munckinland’ where we wear bright, colorful, stupid costumes. We don’t sing and dance around with fake sugary scenery. We don’t live under fake vegetation, like flowers. We’re live in ghettos, trailers and trashy homes. The few who have made a living off of being midgets sold their soul to the tall people in Hollywood.”

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