Mental Health – How Crazy Are You?


We are all crazy – in someone else’s eyes, and judgement!

We tend to think of mental illness as a description of profound psychiatric problems with a specific diagnosis, as categorized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association. These diagnoses usually have a corresponding pharmaceutical drug, or cocktail of drugs, as ‘treatment’ – although other methods such as Electro-Convulsive-Therapy still exist.

We have come a long way from the bedlam or asylum days of the past and yet mental illness is still rife in every society.

Lack of basic needs, such as adequate nutrition, care, shelter and education; and prolonged drug and alcohol use, and exposure to violent traumas, all exacerbate the onset and ongoing state of mental illness. Sadly these factors are common everyday experiences for a large and neglected sector of our society.

In recent days (March 2012) news reports in Britain have spoken of the intentional torture and murder of children synapse xt by relatives who believed them to be witches who are ‘possessed by evil spirits’. This seems crazy to most of us, and yet is a prevailing belief in parts of Africa.

Cultural differences bring with them beliefs and behaviours that others cultures judge as ‘crazy’.

We live in a crazy world, where, surely all of the following could be deemed to be insane/crazy;

Racism – and discrimination, oppression and violence against another person, simply because their ancestors originated from a different continent. According to the experts, we ALL originated from East Africa anyway!

Homophobia – and violence against a person who has different preferences and needs.

Fundamentalist religions – whose followers threaten death to those who do not follow their code of behaviour and societal norms; or to those they deem as having insulted a prophet or leader.

Cultural norms – such as the stoning of women accused of adultery, the chopping off of a thief’s hand, honour killing, and arranged marriages.

Slavery – the domination of, and cruelty towards, another human being.

Human trafficking and exploitation

Female circumcision forced upon young girls

Preventable diseases and poverty – whilst wealth exists elsewhere in the country.

Corporate greed – and the psychopathic personality traits of the few who control the flow of wealth in Western society.

Cruelty to children – particularly in the ‘feral underclass’, as they have been described in the media; children taught to cage-fight with one another for the ‘entertainment’ of the so-called Adult spectators.


Foreign aid – sent to countries with already enough wealth of their own for Space programs, or weapons designed and intended for war.

Destruction of much of the planet – fuelled by selfishness, greed, ignorance and arrogance.

Cruelty to animals – dog-fighting, badger baiting, fox-hunting; and ‘festivals’ where animals are sacrificed for ‘pleasure/fun’.

Gender selection – the killing of newborns because they are the ‘wrong’ gender.

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