Men’s Vitality: Regain and Maintain for a Lifetime


If the oil light signal lights up on the dash of your car would you ever ignore it or worse, cover it up with a black marker and keep driving? As ridiculous and ill-advised as that sounds, many of us men tend to deal with our health problems in similar ways. All too often we ignore the ‘oil light’ of chronic aches and pains, learning to live with it and/or simply covering them up with drugs like the black marker. Recurrent aches and pains are often the bodies warning light of an underlying chronic degenerative condition that needs to be addressed. As a result, too many men suffer needlessly from preventable health problems that adversely affect the quality and quantity of their health as they age, sapping their precious vitality prematurely. Research shows that women tend to live longer healthier lives because they are more likely to be proactive with their health and heed the warnings signs before they become major problems.

The good news is that your body is designed to heal itself when given the right opportunity. That right opportunity includes making the healthiest choices in regards to diet and exercise and having a healthy spine and nervous system. Past auto accidents, sports injuries and daily stresses from sitting and working in front of computers have taken a toll on our posture and spine. Unresolved spinal injuries, bulging or herniated disc disorders, abnormal spinal curves and spinal subluxations interfere with nerve signals that control and regulate your body’s organ and tissues, including the healing process. Actively correcting these chronic spinal problems with chiropractic care, posture training and core strengthening exercises resolves many chronic conditions by restoring Vitalflow proper nerve supply, reducing inflammation and maximizing your body’s healing process.

Now that you’ve addressed your chronic ailments and laid the foundation for restored health with a balanced spine and nervous system, you’re ready to regain and maintain healthy testosterone naturally for renewed vitality.

Start with the foods you are eating. Processed and preservative filled foods, antibiotic and hormone laden dairy, poultry and beef are loaded with toxic chemicals that are known as hormone disruptors or estrogen mimickers (xenoestrogens) that interfere and suppress your precious testosterone supply. In addition, all these extra calories from excess poor food choices have led to an obesity epidemic. Recent statistics show that 67% of men age 35-44 and 72% of men aged 45-64 years are considered obese. The extra fat we carry produces a chemical called aromatase which converts our precious testosterone into estrogen (female sex hormone) causing low energy, low sex drive and the feminization of the American male. Cleaning up your diet by consuming organic fresh fruits and vegetables, and antibiotic and hormone free proteins dramatically reduces your toxic exposure and aromatase conversion.

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