Hunter Douglas Blinds – A Name You Should Know If You Are Redoing the Window Coverings in Your Home


If you’re outfitting your new home with window treatments, Hunter Douglas should merit serious consideration before you go anywhere else for blinds or any other window coverings. Why make it more overwhelming than it has to be when you can go with the best in the business to solve a big part of your interior decorating problems?

Hunter Douglas has been a leader in the blinds business for long enough to have established a rock-solid reputation for delivering quality time and time again. From Henry Sonnenberg’s humble start while learning the ins and outs of the machine tool distribution 토토사이트 business in 1919 to his teaming up with Joe Hunter in 1946 to build slats for Venetian blinds, the Hunter Douglas name is backed by a history of precision and craftsmanship. And that name, curiously enough (or at least the Douglas part of it), came randomly from a phone book as Mr. Sonnenberg liked the ring of it better than his own.

More important than the name is the quality. Underscoring the quality, Hunter Douglass has defined it since 1946 as evidenced by its continued growth over the years. Today their repertoire includes an attractive variety of high quality shades, shutters, blinds and more. Peruse their selection of window coverings — you are sure to be enticed.

Cellular shades from the Duette line are perfect for any room in the house and offer a combination of simple elegance and functionality. The honeycomb blinds are built to complement an understated elegance with durability. The variety of fabrics available allow you, the homeowner, to achieve a number of different effects. Let light filter though a sheer blind and highlight certain interior features of a room or block the light out entirely to foster daytime sleeping or eliminate exterior light intrusion. The wide array of colors allows you to feed your designer impulses too.

For the classic wood look, Hunter Douglas has you covered as well. Go with the real wood of traditional blinds or choose an easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain imitation wood blind. Their Country Woods Classics and Chalet Woods blinds are just a couple of wood blind options for you to think about. For the durable imitation wood blinds, they deliver again with its Everwood Blinds — faux wood blinds designed to take a beating and not come out worse for the wear

For light-filtering elegance, nothing tops the Alustra Collection. If you want the sheer effect that lends privacy, but still leaves an unencumbered view, Hunter Douglas gives it to you. With the Alustra Collection, you have the option to switch from view enhancement to complete darkness with the click of a button. Your fingertips can essentially control the mood of any room.

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