How to Use Affiliate Codes With Dydroid Or Twitter?


DatDroid has been the talk of the internet for quite some time now, and is a very successful affiliate program. It can be said to have started online only recently, and in fact was actually launched as a promotional tool for an Italian coffee drink brand. In a way, it resembles Twitter where users exchange information through short messages or “tweets”. In this case, one will post the information of products, such as price, description, and images. Once other users share these with their friends, the business owner will post his or her own message on the social networking site and thus gain exposure.

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There are other datdrop affiliate codes programs similar to DatDroid, the most popular one being SwagVault. DatDroid has also attracted many affiliates, and many webmasters have jumped onto the bandwagon to cash in on its success. This has been good for them as well since the software itself has proved to be very easy to use. So what makes the difference between these two?

The first thing that makes the differences is the source of traffic. If you compare sites such as Tweetdeck and Digsby, which are social networking sites, you will find that DatDroid receives much more traffic. This is because it uses the Twittersphere as well as the Diggit service to attract site visitors. The reason for this is that it allows site visitors to search for information about the product being sold by using keywords. The search engine on the site is therefore tied into keywords and traffic.

What makes the difference between these two affiliate programs is the way in which they attract site visitors. Tweetdeck targets the teenagers who are heavily into social networking, and Digsby targets the professionals and corporate entities. By putting these sites side by side, it becomes easier to see why there is so much variance in terms of attracting traffic.

A second important thing to consider when comparing the two sites is how the affiliate program works. The main feature of Twitter is that it allows its users to tweet short messages about anything they want. The only condition is that the message should be relevant to the theme of the site (e.g. if you are selling Digsby jewelry on the site, your tweet should be about the product). By offering Digsby themed tweets, you are effectively enticing site visitors to your site.

The third factor to consider when comparing sites is traffic patterns. Twitter boasts the largest number of site visitors at one time. However, there is a down side to this statistic: the traffic is random. It might interest you to note that this means that each of your tweets about Digsby jewelry will drive at least a half-dozen site visitors to your site. Therefore, it is not certain whether or not the traffic will stick around. For this reason, you should not use Twitter as your only means of driving traffic to your site.

When you compare the traffic levels of these two sites, you will notice that the site visitors prefer to click on Twitter’ links more than those to the links on Dydroid. This is because of the way Dydroid displays the links. Unlike Twitter, Dydroid only allows site visitors to click on the link once they have clicked through to the site. Therefore, more site visitors will visit your site if you make these link building methods a part of your campaign. On the other hand, a popular reason for Twitter traffic to migrate over to Dydroid is that Twitter offers a higher payout. As opposed to Dydroid, which pays a fixed amount per visitor, Twitter compensates visitors for opting to follow the links contained in the site.

To conclude, both Dydroid and Twitter are good options for encouraging site visitors to make a purchase. However, your choice of which program to use may depend upon whether or not you wish to promote the site yourself. If you are just looking to find affiliate partners to help boost your earnings, then both Dydroid and Twitter may be adequate. If you want to actively promote the site and build a team of site associates, then you should try either Dydroid or Twitter.

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