How to Accept Bitcoins on Shopify


Are you wondering how to accept bitcoins on Shopify? You can do it through a third party application called Shopify Express. This is a free e-commerce solution that allows your customers to pay with their bitcoins from any location in the world. It works just like any other point of sale software. Your customers simply enter their payment information, and your system automatically pays them.

Cryptocurrency in Ecommerce: What You Need to Know | Shopify Agency

Merchants who are accepting payment with bitcoins are becoming quite common. Before the internet, most merchants dealt with cash only. A merchant might accept one form of payment, say for credit card sales. But he could not accept another, such as for electronic money payments. He would have to get the payment through some other means how to accept bitcoin on shopify.

Now, lots of websites offer “pay with your fingerprint” or “pay with your fingerprint.” They do this by using specialized hardware. When a customer types in his fingerprint, a digital reader on the store app detects the fingerprint.

One of the earliest and most successful companies to do this was BitPay. They have been Accepting Payments For over seven years. But even though BitPay is the most successful, it is not the only one. There are other stores with different policies.

So, how to accept bitcoins on Shopify? There are two main ways to do it. One way is through the free, open source Shopify Express App. This application does the job but is limited to accepting only a few minor forms of payment, including credit cards, and it is generally slow.

The other way is through a Shopify Merchant Account. You sign up for this service, make your account payments and then use the payment channel to process your sales on your store apps. Merchants can set the payment channel up to accept a variety of methods including PayPal, Google Checkout, Neteller, WorldPay and others. However, they cannot set up a payment channel specifically to accept bitcoins.

So, how to accept bitcoins on Shopify? The best option is to set up a merchant account that will allow you to accept all major payment channels including BitPay and PayPal. This will take a bit of work but is much less costly than opening a store and learning how to accept other forms of payments. Furthermore, your customers will be able to pay with their credit cards through this method, which is especially useful if your product has a high price on it.

To accept bitcoins on Shopify, you’ll need a payment channel provider. There are a lot of these out there, but one that I’d personally recommend is Guardia. With this provider, you get an encrypted socket layer (SSL) connection to your website so that you can ensure that private information is kept secure at all times. Also, you can use the SSL certificate to show your customers that your site accepts payments in this new method.

Once you have an SSL certificate, it’s easy to setup your payment channel. Go to settings, then payment channel and click on the + sign. Enter in the details about your merchant account and you will be given a key. Copy this key and paste into the box on the payment channel you are using. Now your merchant account will be ready for your clients to pay with, making it even easier for you to accept them on Shopify.

Another way you could set up your store to accept bitcoins is to add the ‘bitcoins’ option to your website. All you have to do is enter in the amount of money you want to charge to your customers for their purchases. Set it up like a regular donation form, and make sure that you provide an address, phone number and email address for your customers to send the payment to. You can also add a text option to let your customers send you their payment by SMS. These options will make it easier for you to accept payments by bitcoins from any part of the world.

Accepting payments via SMS is one of the easiest ways for you to boost sales. You may be familiar with this method called Bulk SMS, used by Google. It’s basically a text message campaign which is used to promote websites and it makes it easy for users to share the news about your site with their friends. If you use the same strategy with your customer’s SMS, you can easily accept payment via the web. Shopify is free to sign up for, and it only takes a couple of seconds to get an SMS invitation.

Accepting bitcoins from your store is another way to increase your sales. You can easily add this feature to your website by going to settings. Under settings, there is a section where you can select Payment Methods. Just select the option ‘btc’ and follow the instructions. It’s really easy to set up a payment channel on your store, and this is just one of the many reasons why many e-commerce business owners have decided to do it.

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