Housekeeper – What Do You Expect Her To Do?


A housekeeper, also known as a domestic helper, is someone responsible for the care of the domestic cleaning staff of a house. The housekeeper can also sometimes do the cleaning chores for their family members or friends. They are hired to assist the owner in the execution of his daily duties. They help by conducting housekeeping duties and accompanying their master to the various places he goes.

Housekeepers should be hired only after assessing their capabilities. Those who lack the required experience for housecleaning may not be suitable for this job. A housekeeper must understand that his duties depend on the kind of house he is living in. If he lives in a mansion or a bungalow, there are different duties to which he must conform. A housekeeper’s duties will be different if he lives in a ranch or a humble house.

A housekeeper is usually hired by the owner to assist him in the execution of his everyday duties. In private households, however, some families hire housekeepers to perform light cleaning and some to perform more difficult assignments, like ironing, diaper changing and light cleaning of the interiors of the homes. In some private households, the housekeeper is also given some extra duties, like preparing a домоуправител в София light meal or tidying up the dining room table. Normally, a housekeeper’s duties are never finished in one day because some tasks are assigned to her twice a week or even once a week.

If you want to hire a housekeeper and you need some tips on how to find one with the appropriate skills for your family, you need to follow a simple but very important procedure. You can start by asking your friends or relatives who may have hired maids before. Find out from them the duties that they assigned to the housekeeper and ask the maids themselves if they could do the job. You can even make use of the template message you can find online. You can attach this message along with an online interview and you can have your housekeeper interviewed right away.

Your general duties will depend on the housekeeper you are hiring. In your initial meeting, make sure that the housekeeper you are interviewing could do the light cleaning and vacuuming. Let her know that the general duties will include light cleaning and vacuuming. You can ask her to show you the schedule so you would know how often she would need to be contacted and what types of tasks she is responsible with. If she already has two cleaners, then you can assign the duty to her as well.

In general housekeeping duties are divided into four sections: general cleaning, light cleaning, heavy cleaning and surface cleaning. General cleaning is the most common job description since it involves the regular cleaning of the rooms and the rest of the house. Light cleaning simply means that the housekeeper will mop the floors and the bathroom and putting up a clean and appealing appearance. Heavy cleaning is the job description for the task that involves mopping and putting up a disinfectant solution.

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