Gift Ideas For Worst Parents – And Other Gift Ideas For Parents Looking For Stuff For Their Kids


Christmas is a time for giving and one of the hardest things to decide on is which of the many Christmas gifts & merchandise available would be the best for our parents. I have seen many different gifts given out during this time of the year and some of them are really great, while others don’t seem to go far in expressing their love and affection for our parents. So here are some of my personal opinions for the worst parents gifts & merchandise to give out this holiday season. Hopefully they can help you make up your own mind.

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One of the worst parents gifts to give anyone, of any age, is the Baby Shower Gift Box. The idea behind this gift is that you can fill the box with all sorts of goodies and then take it to the shower, or just throw it into the trash can when the baby is born step dad mug. There is nothing sweet or unique about this gift and if you’re giving it to a mother who loves babies, you better leave it in the trash can. It’s just plain selfish and I can’t believe people still do this.

On the other hand, a great idea for parents is a gift certificate for something they like. I like giving wine gifts and it seems that more grandparents are beginning to appreciate the joys of wine these days. Of course you could always order a bottle of wine specially made for the grandparents and hope that they appreciate it enough to spend their inheritance on a bottle. If you’re trying to find a unique gift for grandparents, give them a chance to experience something new. Maybe try a tasting dinner or a candlelight dinner with a basket of goodies.

For parents who are still angry with their own kids, a gift certificate to a day camp maybe a way to get back at their own kids for being uncooperative at school and causing havoc. There are so many bad kids out there that parents deserve a little relief. This is one of the worst parents gifts & merchandise out there but it’s a gift certificate to a day camp that really gives the parents a way to feel good about themselves. Don’t worry, you’re not making your grandchild feel guilty!

Another idea for parents of younger children is giving a DVD or VHS tape of their child’s favorite movie. Most parents have no idea what kids actually enjoy watching, so it can be a great way to win back some of their trust back. The only problem is, most of the movies on tape from the worst parents will be awful! You won’t do any good with those.

A great idea for parents looking for gifts for older kids is to give them an autographed sports memorabilia instead. You never can tell when your kid might grow up and realize their favorite sports player. Any gift worth giving will be appreciated for its lasting value but if you give the memorabilia that will only last a few seconds it isn’t worth the time or money spent on it.

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