Gia Lai Specialties For Your Health And Wellbeing


Gia Lai is a family owned and operated business located in Maui, Hawaii that specializes in a wide variety of body care products. Gia Lai’s founder, Lee Dillard developed a line of products especially for women in mind. Today, the Gia Lai line of products is sold all over the world. Some of the products are very popular such as their Body Care For Men and Body Care For Women collections. The Lai brand also offers a line of men’s fragrances and body care products such as their men’s line of fragrances called Cucottes.

Gia Lai has four main fragrances that they market. They are Citrus Zing, Citrus Blend, Limbo Orange, and the original Citrus scent. All of these products are very well known to many consumers and are offered in a variety of scents. Consumers seem to like the combination of citrus and spice with the hint of orange in the Limbo orange.

If you enjoy flowers, then you will want to try Gia Lai’s line of products that are geared towards aromatherapy. These include Lavender and Eucalyptus. Many times these products come packaged in small vases or bottles that have the image of an exotic flower available along with the scent. These are often sold at a very reasonable price and make a great gift choice as well.

If you are looking for a body splash or lotion, then Gia Lai has some very good products that are both effective and affordable. Their Body Care For Men has a very smooth formula but is also very rich in the ingredients. They use natural vitamin E, grape seed oil, and essential oils to help with men’s bodies and skin. The packaging is very unique and will attract consumers who like to see what’s inside the bottle mat ong rung nguyen chat.

Gia Lai also makes a line of healthy beverages that are geared toward men. Their Diabetic friendly drinks are low in sugar and have no calories. They also offer a delicious smoothie drink that is loaded with vegetables and flavors. They are low in fats and calories and offer a wide variety of flavors. These products are packed full of the goodness that consumers love and they are becoming extremely popular with dieters as well as individuals trying to manage their blood sugar levels.

Gia Lai also manufactures dietary supplements. Their Body Care For Women and Men lines both includes vitamins, minerals, and herbs that target specific problems with men. These include cholesterol and blood pressure issues. Gia Lai has been successful in providing consumers with the high quality formulas that they have become known for. If you’re ready to treat your body with the vitamins and nutrients that it craves, then these specialties from Gia Lai are likely going to work for you.

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