Fungus Feet! Need Prevention and Cures Today


As a life long sufferer of fungus feet I can certainly speak with some authority on this subject. The good news about feet fungi such as toenail fungus and athletes foot in particular, is that there are some simple preventative measures which can be taken to vastly reduce the chances of getting this truly awful irritation.

But let’s first take a look as the signs and symptom of that most common complaint ‘Athlete’s Foot fungus’. Whenever this is given an opportunity to develop, the early warning symptoms are usually in the form of an itchy red rash, typically beginning between the fourth and fifth toes. The fungus that causes Athlete foot is named Trichophyton and is a skin infection that can, in some cases cause, splitting and bleeding of the skin which can be pretty painful to say the least.

Trichophyton can live in warm, moist places including shoes and socks and manifests itself by the ringworm fungus (“tinea” in medical jargon). This fungus gets nutrients from keratin, which is a type of protein that is found in skin cells and nails. For the best part, your body’s immune system fights off most kinds of foot fungus on its own, but if you do see signs, you should act promptly before it becomes too advanced. In the past I’ve waited until my toes split before I sought treatment and not only did this cause unnecessary suffering, but it took longer to clear up than if I had acted swiftly.

Most of the time, athletes foot can be self diagnosed and treatment can be accomplished without a trip to the doctor’s office. However, if you have tried to get rid of the fungus with the topical over-the-counter remedies, but don’t see much improvement, then you should definitely see a doctor without further delay.

So how do we cure fungus feet?

There are some general purpose creams and powders that are very effective at combating fungus feet. A personal favorite of mine has been Fungicon cream which has never failed me. The athletes foot fungus is actually the same fungus that also causes onychomycosis, (or toenail fungal) infections. It’s quite common for fungus that has invaded the toenails to later spread to the surrounding skin, or visa Fungus Clear versa.

It’s also important to point out that not all creams and powders work for all people, and even those that do work can take different durations to effectively remove the complaint. Some folks report that Hydrogen peroxide is the best remedy for foot fungus and it’s one of the most common home remedies for this affliction when the topical creams fail.


As always, prevention is better than cure, and I had to go through years of unnecessary suffering before the penny finally dropped. Firstly, if you go swimming at local pools, then make sure you wear flip flops or other water shoes when using the communal showers, as the public baths are a common place to pick up other people’s foot fungi.

If you or anyone in the house is suffering from athletes foot or toenail fungus, then make sure you or they use their own towels and flannels until their condition has completely cleared up, and also thoroughly rinse the bath or shower after use.

Dry thoroughly between the toes. This is very, very, important, as fungus just loves damp places. Use an athletes foot powder or cream product after drying, and change your socks after each wash.

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