From Belly Fat to Belly Flat – How to Get There in 2 Easy Steps


So, you’ve decided that you 100% want to move from belly fat to belly fat right? I am glad you’ve made that decision and in this article I am going to reveal the simple, time honored two step formula for getting there.

This 2 step formula for going from belly fat to belly flat doesn’t involve the use of miracle creams, miracle pills or that thing that you wrap around your waist that vibrates. In fact it doesn’t involve anything you are likely to have seen on an infomercial.

Step 1 – Eat Right and Get Rid of Fat
The first step in the process involves getting a diet regime in place that fosters weight loss but doesn’t leave you starving. If you are packing away the burgers and coke everyday this needs to stop. Instead try to eat more wholesome meals. Be sure to include lots of vegetables in your diet and the more fish you consume the better. If you are a big fan of red meat, by all means continue to have it. okinawa flat belly tonic Just make sure when you do eat red meat however, it’s 100% lean.

There is no way you are going to get rid of belly fat if you don’t eat right but there’s also another component to the process…

Step 2 – Take Regular Exercise
One of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that they can get a flat stomach, ripped with abs without shedding the pounds. You see it all the time; people doing sit-ups for months and can’t see a six pack manifesting itself. If you lose the weight first, then go for the flat stomach you’ll be amazed at how quickly you achieve your goal. But you can’t shed the pounds unless you take regular exercise.

What you do for exercise is up to you but make sure that it’s cardio related. Anything like jogging, running, cycling or even rowing is good for shedding excess belly fat.

Once you combine the two components of the formula you are sure to achieve that goal and go from belly fat to belly fat. It works every time and now that you have the formula right here in this article, it should work a charm for you too.

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