Free Jazz Piano Lessons and Gig Tips


A jazz piano player is typically a musician who specializes in playing songs from the Great American Songbook. Usually, jazz players know lots of jazz piano chords, are comfortable improvising, can read sheet music, and can swing very well. They also are responsible for accompanying singers and other instrumentalists. Often times they are considered members of the rhythm section so being able to play different jazz chord voicings and rhythms is essential. There are many opportunities for jazz musicians to perform around the 鋼琴課程 world. Sometimes jazz players can play solo piano, in a duo setting, trio, quartet, or even larger settings. There are a lot more gigs available to jazz musicians than there are to classical musicians.

If you’re interested in becoming a jazz piano player, you must first start by listening to jazz recordings on a regular basis and practicing your instrument. You must know jazz piano chords, jazz improvisation, and many jazz standards among many other things. Having a good ear and the ability to transcribe parts of recordings is a very important part of the process. Many times a jazz piano player is expected to reharmonize music and write their own chords on previously written jazz standards. Sometimes they’ll even add swing rhythms to music that was originally written with straight eighth notes or add latin rhythms to pieces that were written with different beats. It is also expected that you will write your improvise your own jazz licks and jazz riffs to add to the music. Not sure yet how to improvise your own licks? People like Oscar Peterson, Bud Powell, Red Garland, and Charlie Parker are great people to listen to learn jazz piano licks. They invented a lot of the jazz vocabulary we hear today. Many great players have been influenced by them.

It’s also very important to learn how to improvise over a form. Form is used in all styles of music and in jazz there are a number of different varieties. AABA is definitely the most famous of all of them though and it is recommended you learn jazz tunes that feature that form first. There is definitely a lot involved to learn jazz piano but the reward are truly amazing

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