ERP Software Reviews 101


ERP software reviews, online product demonstrations and white papers can all contribute to your research as you search for the system that’s right for you. If you own a small business or act as a technology manager for a small, startup or mid-sized firm, you’ll want to make the most of every available resource, including ERP software reviews, before you make a commitment to an integrated business solution or software product suite. But before you even begin gathering ERP software reviews for specific products and service offerings, you may want to take a few considerations into account.

Should You Build or Buy Software? Pros and Cons to Consider

First, you may want to conduct a complete and thorough diagnostic evaluation of your current system functionalities. Make sure you document every step of the workflows happening across different departments, and consult with your employees so that you can gain a full understanding of all your current system strengths and weaknesses Business Software Reviews.

If you considered the possibility of an enterprise resource planning solution for your small or mid-sized business years ago but dismissed the possibility for cost and feasibility reasons, now may be an excellent time to reopen your investigation and return the option to the table. Recent shifts in the market landscape for ERP software systems in applications have brought systems in reach for businesses with smaller and more restrictive budgets. Even as applications and options have become more affordable, they’ve expanded in capability. And alternatives to traditional ERP infrastructures are now available, which can include hosting solutions and software service providers. These systems can allow small business clients to run their applications on a collective server architecture in a rental capacity, which can help them sidestep the costs associated with server ownership and maintenance.

While you research ERP software reviews, you may also want to consider the possibility of freeware or open source software solutions. These basic integrated software applications can help business owners on a technology shoestring to control back office functions like accounting, human resource management, CRM and payroll. Many of them can be downloaded at little or even no cost over the internet. You may also consider ERP software reviews of scaled product suites for these back office functions and others. Many of these suites are designed to be upgrade ready, so they can grow as a company grows.

Years ago, when the first early ERP integrated business solutions were introduced to the business technology market in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the only options available required the implementation of a fully integrated software infrastructure built around an in-house server system, which came at prohibitive cost and risk for small budget clients. But recent shifts in demand at the high budget level have led providers to shift their attention and focus on small business markets.

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