Erase Those Pregnancy Stretch Marks


What are these pregnancy stretch marks? These are marks that result from extra stretching of the skin. These spots are generally associated with pregnancy, puberty, or obesity. These scars affect the production of collagen. These marks are pretty soft, in fact, even softer than normal skin. To begin with, they are either purple or red in color, later they become silver- white in color. These scars affect the dermis layer of the skin. Dermis is the deeper layer (under epidermis- the outer layer) that makes skin stay in shape. When dermis overstretches during pregnancy, the fibers present in this layer lose their elastic characteristic.

How To Handle The Stretch Marks

These spots are present in more than seventy-five percent of all pregnant women. These scars commonly occur on the lower abdomen, breasts, upper arms, buttocks, hips, thighs, and calves. The number of patches you will get depends upon the elasticity of your skin. In addition, the presence of these patches is directly proportionate to the amount of weight you put on during your pregnancy. A theory Derma Prime Plus says that, if your mother suffered from marks during her pregnancy, you should prepare yourself for them.

Even though there are various methods for its treatment, there are no reliable methods for complete removal. Some of the popular treatments are laser treatment, derma-abrasion, and application of lotion for stretch marks.

These patches do not affect a woman’s health, nor do they affect the baby in any way. They are not harmful or painful in any way. This is just a cosmetic issue, since they look like streaks on the skin. The best course of action is to consult a dermatologist. They are the best people to offer you advice. They will also let you choose your treatment option. Sometimes, some medications also cause stretch marks, so it is important to keep your doctor in the know of things.

Even though there are various home remedies for these scars, surgery seems to be the best method to completely get rid of them. The lotions and creams only help them fade a little. With the new developments in the field of surgery, people swear by the benefits of laser surgery, as it focuses on the underlying tissues of the skin, where the damage has actually occurred. Derma-abrasion also has gained in popularity over the years. However, the success of the procedure varies from individual to individual. It depends upon many variants, such as age, diet, general skin health etc.

Over- the- counter creams are popular with those, who do not want to go under the surgeon’s scalpel. Many common sense measures like drinking plenty of water and eating skin friendly food like fish, nuts, eggs etc, go a long way in preventing pregnancy stretch marks. These foods contain the mineral zinc and proteins that are very beneficial for healthy skin.

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