Colic Gripe Water – How to Find a Good Baby Gripe Water


You have about had it. The crying and screaming of baby colic is driving you crazy. You love the little guy, but if you don’t get some sleep soon, something is going to happen and it will not be pleasant. A neighbor (who can hear your colicky baby through the building walls) recommended that you use a colic water to help calm him.

But you are not certain what colic water actually is let alone know what kind is safe to buy. If your baby’s fussing is driving you around the bend plus scaring you stiff, then you need to learn more about what colic gripe water is and how it can help.

Colic Gripe Water – Over 150 Years Old and Still Going Strong

Before you dismiss those old wife’s tales about the power of this water for colic, you should know that this old World remedy has been around since 1851. It was discovered by American pharmacist William Woodward while living in England.

Woodward stumbled across the great belly-soothing and gas relieving formula while working on a tonic for malaria and fen fever of all things. Soon it was a hit among okinawa flat belly tonic British nannies (a tough crowd to please) and doctors. His baby colic water is still being sold in the UK (minus the alcohol of the original).

Since that time, thousands of people from medical professionals, to nutrition supplement makers, to child caregivers and parents have used this formula as the basis for many different kinds of commercial, homeopathic and home-made herbal baby gripe water recipes.

Good Colic Gripe Waters – Home-Made Herbal Remedies

Most people never think that they can make their own gripe water. But with just a few simple teas and herbs readily available from your local grocery or organic shop, you can quickly prepare a soothing and inexpensive water. Often these recipes are made from a diluted tonic made from peppermint, ginger, and chamomile teas.

Better Colic Gripe Waters – Commercial Colic Remedies

If it is quality it must first be safe, effective (actually work) and affordable since colic symptoms in an infant can start as early as 2 weeks and continue for 3 months. It should be doctor approved and have clear instructions as to its usage. And with all drugs the longer the safety testing period the better.

Best Colic Gripe Waters – Homeopathic Colic Remedies

Homeopathic colic waters are usually made from a combination of natural and man made ingredients and components. The theory behind these treatments is that “like cures like”. This type of colic water is basically like a firefighter using open flames to battle an out-of-control forest fire. Only use homeopathic gripe waters from trusted sources.

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