Choosing a Leather Belt


Leather belts have been a part of our lives since the beginning of time. In early Mesopotamia, it was already being used as an identification tool by both men and women. Later, it was used to create simple but functional items such as knives, scalpels and screwdrivers. As the technology advanced, leather became more useful and it was used in more fields of human activity.

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Nowadays, it can be seen on various items of fashion and in most cases, it is made of leather. Commonly, it is found in belts that are meant to be worn on the waist to hold up pants or jeans. This type of belt has a typical black, silver or copper buckle attached to a metal, typically stainless steel, through which the thin stretchable material is wrapped around the waist and into the hole in the buckle.

One of the most common types of belts is the slip on kind. These are perfect for wearing during casual occasions and even for work. A lot of people find this type of belt very functional because it is not too tight to the body and it does not bind or restrict one’s movement. It is often used to hold up jeans or pants. It is made of a flexible material and is easy to use and wear. This is also a type of belt that is made out of genuine leather; it is often polished to create a high sheen giay da ca sau nam.

Another type is the full-length belt which is wider than its shorter counterparts. These are often worn over pants or shirts. The difference lies on the fact that the longer ones do not end at the waistline but go to the front instead. They are typically made of a thicker material and they come with a number of belt loops, sometimes without zippers and others with them.

These days, some people prefer belts with a combination of both the aforementioned two. Some opt for a thin, flexible material with one or two belt loops and a full length belt with a buckle and comes in different colors and styles. On the other hand, there are those who prefer full length with a leather strip along the middle that goes all the way to the bottom of their jeans.

Utility belts serve a very functional purpose. Their main function is for keeping pants in place at the waist. They allow you to wear trousers without having to tuck them into your waistline. For women, utility belts are usually worn on their right sides with pants while men wear them on their left sides. They can be made of leather or they can be made of cotton, but the most common material used for utility belt is leather.

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