Challenge Young Minds and Watch the Output Soar Into the Future


The other day, I was discussing the future of our society with a brilliant young, and up and coming future philosopher, John Altmann. Specifically we got onto the topic of economic theory and the need for more economic and economic philosophy instruction in our education system. If you know anything about the damage socialism can cause, or how uneducated electorates can vote in such a way to bring down an entire nation, then you already understand without me having to point out nations such as Argentina, Greece, or Zimbabwe for instance. Okay so let’s talk.

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John had begun our dialogue with a superb essay on a future where American society leading by example, therefore the whole of human civilizations globally began a new era of world-wide prosperity. Still, to make this dream a reality, we are going to need to teach economics in our schools so that the students understand where we are headed and why. In fact, I had come up with a nifty little quote of my own:

“Up and Coming Philosophers must be challenged and hone their skills to better see nifty futures, until they can challenge themselves to the same or greater degree” – Lance 2012.

Then, I lamented to John that maybe we can get some original thoughts which go beyond all these famous names we are forced to memorize in school – something new, something bold, something which can be challenged, but never denied. What might that be – and how do we get from where we are today, to where we need to go, you see?

Indeed, we need to think “beyond the bun” as Taco Bell says, it’s time to ditch the special sauce and leave the old behind, come up with a totally new way of thinking, really advance the dialogue and human discourse, because what we have now in the world, it isn’t good enough.

Much of the past philosophy is stale, uneventful, common thinking, thoughts people have while jogging on a ridge line overlooking a scenic valley, but we are forced to rote memorize names of dead people, who had common thoughts, and yet were assigned those thoughts as if they owned them, why? I ask. We can do better than this, YOU, can do better than those past philosophers, I told John.

You know, we really must get out there, and challenge things – and yet, harness the beauty of simplicity of your new original thought which you will soon be thinking of. It’s time to take this to the next level. So, let’s continue, and I am open to considering this request, we need to push the limits and boundaries, boldly. Victory goes to the bold. I hereby challenge the future students and say;

Let’s break the sound barrier, then light, a fire under the human civilizations – someone has to wake them up! Please consider all this and think on it.

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