Ceramic wedding ring


Ceramic wedding rings are one of the latest wedding ring trends entering the market. Now, although you may read or hear “ceramics” and think of a plate or cup being smashed, this is not the case. Ceramic wedding rings are not as fragile as glass jewelry. In fact, it is the indestructibility of ceramic wedding rings that makes them so popular. Is it for you? continue reading.

What is a ceramic wedding ring? They are made from a mixture of powdered pure ceramic material and zirconium, and then heated to above 6000° to produce a molten liquid. The liquid is shaped, cut, cooled, and then polished into a ring shape. These Lord of the Rings are harder than titanium and almost as hard as tungsten carbide wedding rings.

This is good news for those who are unfortunately exposed to metal allergies.

Ceramic wedding rings will also shine like on fingers in the next few years.

*Never fade. Although some other color-treated wedding rings may fade, ceramic wedding rings do not. 結婚戒指價錢 This is especially important for those who want a black wedding ring.

*Not as heavy as tungsten rings, but heavier than titanium wedding rings.

*unbreakable. Its color is solid and runs through the entire ring. The final color is not black or white industrial paint, but another non-ferrous metal covering some titanium wedding rings. Those who have an active lifestyle, work or hobby may rest assured that they know these things are simply stubborn.

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