Always Ask For A Demo When Selecting An LED Video Screen Used For Outdoor Events


Given that they burst in to the scene in 1997 LED video screens are often the initial selection for a number of venues and functions. Light emitting diodes; LED for short are often found to be an ideally suited investment for promoters who enjoy entertaining folks or call for the ability to show a big crowd the identical video at the same time, whether the concert is being held within a building or in the open outdoors.

All About LED Video Walls – Cost, Usage, Installation & More

Through time, their function has improved, most notably; they require a lot less electrical power than the various versions that were before them. It is also preferable to most people, that they’re now without a doubt, much brighter than the earlier models before them. Unlike other televisions these ones can always be seen clearly regardless of whether or not, the sun is interfering with the picture LED Video Walls.

Yet another great benefit to these distinctive models is the fact that the picture you’re going to see as a much sharper image. You’ll be able to play a part in how sharp the pictures on your video wall are depending on your final decision in manufacturer Every one will have a different number of pixels and these pixels determine the resolution of your video screen.

This much newer generation is now ready to last a fairly lengthy amount of time, making it an attractive investment for concert promoters. It’s said, several models may last as long as eleven years, though as you may imagine with its age as it nears the end of its time you would possibly notice a drop in some of the brightness.

Our technology has come a long way allowing these monitors to be used for more than just using a few times. You can now utilize and connect other types of technology to your outdoor video monitor and what size you will need and what picture quality is necessary for you before a decision. It is also a very good idea to check out the different businesses that you are interested in doing business with and ensuring that they are seasoned in how to install this type of equipment for you. It’s a good idea to get a company that is supplying you with the equipment to help advise you on what type may work best for you and considering the types of venues you work in.

The new PH-16-VM Hi-Res LED Outdoor Video Screen. The new custom ph16 virtual 8mm wall has been an outstanding performer for over the last 2 years. It has been used for both straight video as well as high end led video effects for the phoenix open golf tournament, some Home Depot trade shows and some top electronica artists like deadmau5 and the bloody beetroots to name a few.

If you’re in the the entertainment business, as a promoter or stage designer I’m sure you realize what a hi res video screen can do for your event. The problem is, like us, not all video screens are made the same quality, kind of like the Kindle commercial. To learn more about excellent day light viewable screens, please visit our website and call us. Then stop by for a demo Hi Res Video Screens for outdoor events.

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